Friday, June 27, 2008

Singapore Sex Films

Singapore Sex Films

At last, Singaporeans will be spoilt for choice of sex films being made in Singapore. However, before you rush out to buy the movie tickets, note that none of these have planned release dates in local cinemas (except for local film festivals) or on local DVD releases because of its R21 rating. I guess sex does not sell in sexually repressed Singapore. The Singapore International Film Festivals are the only opportunity for local film-makers to get paid for their efforts and to continue to improve their film making capabilities and go on to international success.

The first batch of sex films from Singapore this year are:

Bedroom Dancing (2006) directed by Sun Koh, 31 (20 minutes). Bedroom Dancing features a couple having energetic sex in their bedroom. Based on the true story, which you might have read in the news about a man being arrested for masturbating in his own HDB flat, this is Sun Koh's fictionalized account of that true event. Bedroom Dancing was passed uncut by the Singapore Censors with a R21 rating. It was shown at the Singapore Short Cuts in August 2007. She not the only one who have included nudity and sex in locally made movies.

Solos (2007) directed by Loo Zihan and Kan Lume is an experimental film with no dialog about a male teacher, a student and the boy's mother. Solos supposed to have been shown at the Singapore International Film Festival this year but the film makers withdrew it after the Singapore Censors gave a R21 rating and requested that some cuts be made on the prolong homosexual sex themes. It was featured at the AFI (American Film Institute Film Festival).

Haze (2008) directed by Anthony Chen is a short film that was in the prestigious Berlin Film Festival about a bored, truant-playing couple's relationship over the course of one hot and hazy day which included them have sex for the first time. Haze played at the Singapore International Film Festival this year.

Pleasure Factory (2007) directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham. Inspired by true stories & real-life characters, Pleasure Factory, shot on actual locations, tells an intriguing and intimate tale involving pleasure seekers and pleasure providers in Geylang, Singapore’s infamous but little known red-light district. Over the course of one night, a young cadet loses his virginity; a teenage girl gets initiated into the pleasure manufacturing process; and a jaded prostitute pays a young busker good money in exchange for a song he never gets to sing…

Well don't expect soft porn but this is as close we will get to art house films akin to the obscure European films we don't get to see unless we are abroad or go to the Singapore International Film Festivals. - Boo - Singapore Sex Films

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