Friday, June 27, 2008

Singapore Sex Films

Singapore Sex Films

At last, Singaporeans will be spoilt for choice of sex films being made in Singapore. However, before you rush out to buy the movie tickets, note that none of these have planned release dates in local cinemas (except for local film festivals) or on local DVD releases because of its R21 rating. I guess sex does not sell in sexually repressed Singapore. The Singapore International Film Festivals are the only opportunity for local film-makers to get paid for their efforts and to continue to improve their film making capabilities and go on to international success.

The first batch of sex films from Singapore this year are:

Bedroom Dancing (2006) directed by Sun Koh, 31 (20 minutes). Bedroom Dancing features a couple having energetic sex in their bedroom. Based on the true story, which you might have read in the news about a man being arrested for masturbating in his own HDB flat, this is Sun Koh's fictionalized account of that true event. Bedroom Dancing was passed uncut by the Singapore Censors with a R21 rating. It was shown at the Singapore Short Cuts in August 2007. She not the only one who have included nudity and sex in locally made movies.

Solos (2007) directed by Loo Zihan and Kan Lume is an experimental film with no dialog about a male teacher, a student and the boy's mother. Solos supposed to have been shown at the Singapore International Film Festival this year but the film makers withdrew it after the Singapore Censors gave a R21 rating and requested that some cuts be made on the prolong homosexual sex themes. It was featured at the AFI (American Film Institute Film Festival).

Haze (2008) directed by Anthony Chen is a short film that was in the prestigious Berlin Film Festival about a bored, truant-playing couple's relationship over the course of one hot and hazy day which included them have sex for the first time. Haze played at the Singapore International Film Festival this year.

Pleasure Factory (2007) directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham. Inspired by true stories & real-life characters, Pleasure Factory, shot on actual locations, tells an intriguing and intimate tale involving pleasure seekers and pleasure providers in Geylang, Singapore’s infamous but little known red-light district. Over the course of one night, a young cadet loses his virginity; a teenage girl gets initiated into the pleasure manufacturing process; and a jaded prostitute pays a young busker good money in exchange for a song he never gets to sing…

Well don't expect soft porn but this is as close we will get to art house films akin to the obscure European films we don't get to see unless we are abroad or go to the Singapore International Film Festivals. - Boo - Singapore Sex Films

Hard Sell Tactics - Global Euro

Hard Sell Tactics - Global Europ

Global Europ is the second Timeshare resale firm (the first being Orion's Belt Network) have had a court injunction taken against them for unfair sales practices by CASE (the Consumer Association of Singapore).

This largely stems from the lack of legislation for the Timeshare industry in Singapore unlike some developed countries leaving Singaporeans unprotected against unfair business practices unless they take legal proceedings.

CASE's successful court injunction is the result of numerous complaints of hard-sell tactics being used on naive Singapore customers on the pretext of helping them sell off their unwanted timeshare investment products - according to Today on 10 June 2008.

A third firm, involved in beauty and makeover (Naughty by Nature), will also be running advertisements on that week to announce its consent judgment and injunction. Global Europ ran its advertisements as part of an order by the High Court in May 2008. In the ads, the firm conceded that it had "falsely represented" to consumers that they would lose their money if they did not let Global Europ help them terminate their timeshare contracts, find a buyer to take over the contracts, or upgrade their investments to other timeshare products.

Case acted against Global Europ after it failed to cease its unfair practices even though 96 consumers filed complaints with their consumer watchdog and instructed it to act on their behalf. The company has settled all claims, a spokesman said, adding that refunds of about $170,000 have been made.

If consumers lodge fresh complaints, the company would have breached the injunction and could be held in contempt of court, said CASE lawyer, Harish Kumar.

Case have also issued a press release on 17 September 2008 which was covered on the same day by Channel News Asia website about the lack of transparency of a company - Asialinx Pte Ltd. Asialinx wants to collect annual subscription fees of Asialinx products previously sold by Global Europ. Case advises members of the public to exercise caution when they are approached to make payments to Asialinx relating to Vacation Membership sold by Global Europ. Google 'asialinx" for Case and CNA the information.

Case media release is reproduced below:


17 September 2007


CASE wants to highlight for the public’s attention the business practices and lack of transparency of a company called Asialinx Pte Ltd.

CASE became interested in Asialinx after Asialinx sent letters to Global Europ’s customers saying that Global Europ was not authorised to sell products called “Asialinx Privilege Lifestyle” and “Asialinx Classic Lifestyle”, which Global Europ had been selling since 2005, and that Asialinx owned these products. Customers who received such letters were told that they had to pay annual subscription fees to Asialinx.

A search with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore revealed that Global Europ and Asialinx share the same company secretary. Further, it was discovered that Asialinx was only incorporated in 2007 although, as we have pointed out, Global Europ has been selling the “Asialinx” products since 2005.

Asialinx had also applied to court for a winding up order against Global Europ. When CASE asked Asialinx for the basis of its application, its lawyers replied that they would be withdrawing the application at the hearing scheduled on 10 August 2007, which they duly did.

Despite CASE’s request of 17 August 2007 to disclose details of its management team, operations, source of client base and its standard contracts, Asialinx has yet to give an answer. A reminder sent by CASE on 28 August 2007 has also been ignored.

CASE wishes to alert members of the public that they should exercise caution at all times, especially when they are approached to make payments. They should consult their family or trusted friends before signing any contract or agreement or making payment. If consumers are required to make a decision on the spot, they should refuse and leave the premises immediately. - hard sell tactics - global europ

Hard Sell Tactics - Naughty by Nature

Hard Sell Tactics - Naughty by Nature

First there are Timeshare companies, now photo makeover studios are also adopting hard selling tactics in Singapore.

According to Straits Times and Today (12 June 2008), the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), on receiving 63 complaints from unhappy customers about Naughty by Nature between 2005 and 2007 involving amounts between $495 to $4,288, have applied an injunction against the company for their hard sell tactics.

It was reported that Naughty by Nature's staff had once refused to let a customer to leave the studio without buying a pricey photo package. After staying about four hours, the customer bought a package for about $3,000.

Potential customers are usually contacted over the phone and told they have been selected / won a prize for a free photo shoot. They are promised freebies if they agree to turn up at Naughty by Nature studio by a certain time as they have many people wanting these free photo shoots. Once they are there, they are pressured to buy one of their high priced photo packages which can go as high as $4,000 plus. I have personally received such an invitation but did not turn up because if an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is. Such "good deals" usually goes deep down into your pockets. In Singapore, it is a buyers beware market. There is no free lunch.

Naughty by Nature has been in business since 2004 at its Circular Road premises. It is run by Ramason and Fenianos with 90 staff members, of whom nine are full time photographers.

CASE and Naughty by Nature have agreed to settle disputes with the unhappy customers through an arbitration session chaired by a neutral third party. Under the agreement, Naughty by Nature agreed, among other things, not to have more than one employee attend to "any female consumer during any sales presentations". The firm is also not allowed to "detain" any female customer for more than an hour.

If you have problems with this Singapore photo makeover studio, contact CASE immediately. If they have any more complaints, they are in deep shit. If you kena (forced to) buy these packages, for goodness sake, do not give your friends / relatives contact numbers to them. Otherwise, they too kena pay for things they do not need.

People complain that CASE is not doing enough. However, people need to come forward with evidence for Case to follow up on. Don't expect CASE to follow up there are only a handful of cases. Court injunction costs money. If you don't believe, try suing such companies yourself. These companies know this and is counting that unhappy customers won't do anything because of the cost and the embarrassment of standing up and being counted. - Kok. - hard sell tactics - naughty by nature

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Millionaires in Singapore

77,000 Millionaires in Singapore

Singapore now has 10,000 more millionaires, an increase 15.3 percent over that of 2006. This represents 1.7 percent of the population here according to The Straits Times on 26 June 2008.

Singapore's 77,000 millionaires made it one of the top 10 fastest growing millionaire clubs in the world after India, China, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia and Slovakia. The average wealth of a Singapore high net worth individual was US$4.9 million compared to the global average of US$4.04 million. Assets counted exclude person's main residence.

The World Wealth Report was compiled by Merrill Lynch and the research firm, Capgemini.

Millionaires in SingaporeAnd now for the really serious stuff.....
We tried to contact these new fat cats (towkays) but they refused to speak to us. So we cannot tell you exactly how they got so rich, so fat, so fast. Anyhow, we have spoken to our Wealth Creation Advisers and they said that these very big fat cats probably got a very good big lobang (an incredibly sexy time opportunity).

For those of you who want to get a very good big fat lobang, like these stuck up towkays, here are the Top 11 Ways you can definitely maybe get  Really Rich, Really Fast (remember we said "maybe").

Top 11 Incredible Ways You Can Be A Millionaire (and maybe even a Zillionaire) in Singapore:

  1. Be an Ah Long (Loan Shark) as the casinos here will open in two years time and people will need lots of money to gamble;
  2. People Trafficking - to help people who are unable pay the Ah Longs to skip town fast.
  3. Start the first chain of Bubble Gum Kiosks in Singapore;
  4. Set up a Used Condom Collection Center and export them to Malaysia where they will be made into cheap bubble gum;
  5. Join forces with movie maker Jack Neo and make movie sequels "Money No Enough 3" and "Ah Long 2";
  6. Sell Pets genetically engineered to die young for people who don't like long term commitments;
  7. Sell Marriage Insurance Policies which will cover the cost of the divorce, just in case the marriage turns belly up;
  8. Revive the Bubble Tea Craze;
  9. Set up a Marriage Match Making Service where millionaires can meet other millionaires and create millionaire offspring brats which we will proudly defend with our lives (maybe);
  10. Create a Scam which claims that people can legitimately become millionaires overnight by following the advice of an investment guru who is as smarter than Warren Buffet;
  11. Speculate in property by kicking out those sweet old deadbeats who don't want to move out of their much loved old apartments (Go En-Bloc);
  12. Get elected in the Singapore General Elections, become a Minister and in the process become a Millionaire overnight.  Foreigners are welcomed to apply after fast tracking into the Citizenship process.
This song is dedicated to the super-rich who have become obscenely-rich:

JIBABAN 一百萬 ( If I Had) One Million Dollars 1 Million Dollars JI PA BAN Hokkien Song Parody about everyman's dream to be rich and ultimately to be rewarded with a empty existence if the person is superficial.

Singapore is uniquely the land where there is equal opportunities for everybody - especially foreigners. You can be a disgustingly rich fat cat towkay (millionaire) if you hire cheap foreign talent and fire the rest. - Kok - millionaires in Singapore

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DVD Rentals | Singapore

DVD Rentals in Singapore

Came across a very good article about the history of the video rental business in Singapore and where you can rent good DVDs.

The article has a profile of the best DVD rental libraries in Singapore and their terms and charges. I didn't know there were so many good rental libraries in Singapore.

It is a great guide to enable you to rent those elusive DVDs from Singapore rental libraries.

Click here to get more information from goingtomovies

Also check out our later article on DVD Rentals in Singapore

Monday, June 23, 2008

Organic Ointments Balm from Badger

Organic Ointment Balm from Badger

Tried the Badger line of ointment balms from Guardian yesterday. What caught my eye was the all natural ingredients of this USA product which are certified USDA Organic Line so this makes them safer to use than the chemical equivalents.

Badger has some 50 plus product lines in the USA but so far I've seen only the ointment balms at the Marine Parade Guardian Pharmacy namely:

  • Baby Balm
  • Sore Muscle Rub
  • Foot Balm
  • Sleep Balm
  • Bali Balm
  • Healing Balm
  • Cuticle Care
You can get more information from

The ointment balms come in .75 oz and 2 oz container tin packs and are therefore convenient to carry around aWS Badger line of organic ointment balmsnd for travel. The smaller container costs S$11.50 per piece. No, I'm not being paid by Badger to do this write up. It is just that I'm an organic guy always on a look out for safe products for my family to use.

I've tried the first two products and they seem mild on the skin and quite effective. I can't vouch for the products' safety but those who are into organic / natural products may wish to check out the Badger range of ointment balm products.

No Badgers were killed or tortured in the making of these products as far as I can tell. I'm still awaiting confirmation from Badger Bill on this. - Boo - Organic Ointments Balm from Badger

Great Singapore Sale 2008

Gone Shopping Today at the Great Singapore Sale 2008

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) started on 23 May and ends on 20 July 2008. Now is a great time for me to pick up bargains.

Expatriates often complain that there is nothing worthwhile to buy the GSS. These cry babies are probably ivory tower expats who only mix with their own kind and avoid locals like locusts and therefore don't know where to get good bargains. You can find a lohappy singapore shopping at the great singapore sale 2008t of their pathetic grumblings at local forums catering to expats. And the idiots who give advice at these forums are equally clueless or have an axe to grind with the local people here. I don't know why they stay here if they find things so "unsatisfactory". They probably say the same things when they are back home.

The trouble is a lot of these people they enjoy life here and don't want to go home. They just want to hang around and try to convince us how superior they are. Oh please, go and fix the problems in your own countries before opening your big fat mouths! We know how to solve our own problems and if we don't, we know more qualified and reliable people to help us.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not against overseas people living and working here. I have lots of expat friends. Many of them are really knowledgeable and helpful. I'm only against those who think they can come here, don't bother to understand the local culture and only want to bad mouth us.

Sure, merchants may want to get rid of their dead stocks. They would be pretty stupid if they don't do it. When I travel abroad to USA and Europe, I also see lots of dead stocks being offered in overseas stores. You have to be a smart and fast shopper to get the stuff that are really worthwhile. Good items sells like hot cakes.

How to be a Smart Shopper in Singapore

Sorry folks, GSS 2008 is over, but you can get more bargains at the coming Great Singapore Sale - GSS 2008 by clicking on this link - Boo - Singapore shopping 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

As soon as I sat in my Orchard Cineplex seat, I knew I had purchased the wrong movie tickets. There were lots of ang mohs and worst still, the theater was full of spoilt kids who kept saying "funny" throughout the movie.

I didn't see anything funny about Kung Fu Panda. The movie was a very serious movie about a young man training to be a top shaolin killer monk disguised as a panda. Jack Black was very good as the Kung Fu Panda though his costume looked rather funny. Maybe that was what those loud and noisy kids were referring to when they said: "funny" "funny" "funny". Oh shut up, you spoilt bratty kids.

Anyway, the movie turned out to be very good with very realistic and dangerous martial arts stunts though I was disappointed that the dialog was not in Chinese. I had to read the Chinese subtitles to find out what the damned heck the actors were saying. This is damned hard to do as I am English educated. How can you make a Chinese kungfu movie without Chinese dialog? Those idiots from Hollywood!

I tried to copy some of the lighting kung fu moves during the show. Unfortunately, some of my popcorn flew into the air and landed on some of the kids which made them say "funny" "funny" even more. These kids sure have a very limited vocabulary.

I tried to ask for my money back after the show on the grounds that it was not a Chinese kung fu movie. The theater management said "no" unfortunately and asked me to please go away. So be warned. This is not a Chinese Kung Fu movie in spite of what the advertisements say.

However, I may rent the Kung Fu Panda DVD to learn some of the excellent eeeee-ha! kung fu moves. This may come in handy when I meet any beggars from overseas poising as monks along Geylang Street. Begging is illegal in Singapore. Please contact me if you see any of these beggars on our streets. We don't need these kind of foreign talent in our clean and green land.

On the way out, I saw a Lamborghini causing noise pollution and racing down Orchard Street with a Singapore police car in hot pursuit. Life is good. - Kok - kung fu panda

Singapore Food

Singapore Food - Laksa

Waa-lau... after a long trip overseas, saliva is dripping down the side of my mouth. A sure sign I must fill my tummy with good old Singapore food. I need two bowls of laksa plus otah plus nasi lemak plus freshly squeezed lime juice. Now that is really Singapore Food.

singapore food - laksaSo I head down to Katong and told the Ah Pek there to serve it up quickly as I was hungry please. He dumps the bowls on my table and some of the laksa gravy gets on my T-shirt. Luckily, I was wearing an orange T-shirt that said "Dirty on Purpose" otherwise it would have been embracing.
I slurp the white rice laksa noodles like it was my last meal and gave out an approving loud burb as nearby diners gave me a disapproving look. I didn't f-care as I was finally satisfied at last. The fragrant coconut curry gravy was delicious and I drank all of it right from the bowl like it was coconut juice. Only Singapore food can give you such pleasure. Some may say it is better than sex especially if your partner likes to give a running commentary while you're doing it.
NOTE FOR NON-SINGAPOREANS: The Singapore laksa is different from the Malaysian laksa which has a sour taste. I prefer the Singapore laksa - the best man!.

Who says there is no fine dining in Singapore?

I felt really fine as I walked out of the shop house with a tooth pick in my mouth. I gave a thumbs up to a traffic marshall who was giving a parking violation ticket to some oxymoron who had parked his ugly Lamborghini car illegally by the side of the road. I think the driver of the car (wearing one of the most horrendous sunglasses ever created) walked past me by as I ambling away because this guy gave me a really angry look. Anyway, I decided not to stay and stare as I was armed with only a toothpick at this time.

Nothing was gonna spoil this happy day. It was sunny and I decided to go somewhere cool. So I headed to Orchard for a movie. I was thinking perhaps a good old fashion Chinese kung fu movie. Something the ang mohs won't like to see..... - Kok - singapore food - laksa

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Big Mouth Singaporean

Another Big Mouth Singaporean

As if there aren't enough big mouth Singaporeans yapping away pointlessly over the Internet, here comes trouble..... No, I don't represent any Opposition Party, nor are we anti-Gahman either. But we do hope you will follow our daily take of what is happening in buzz-y Singapore.

Most of it will be commentaries on news reports, our daily wanderings through the streets of the fast paced Singapore and our hopes and aspirations for our beloved homeland. Also, it will enable Singaporeans living abroad to stay connected with the kopi tiam talk in the Little Red Dot called Singapore.

Foreigners intending to relocate to Singapore will also be able to get lots of useful and misleading information on Singapore in this blog. NOTE TO FOREIGN EXPATS: We don't need any more foreign talent unless you intend to hire five bus loads of Singaporeans. Or unless Minister of Local Talent, Jack Neo says "yes".

It will cover entertainment, food and events happening in Singapore - who is hot and who is not, what is cool and what is cold! We'll try not to make things up but we may sometimes get things mixed up. If we do, we apologize vaguely in advance for any boo-boos and any intentional misinformation in comSG.

Is this a funny blog? Hell no, we big mouth Singaporeans don't joke. We are a very, very serious lot. Just because we grumble, does not mean we are trying to be funny. Being funny can get you into plenty trouble like killer litter.

Probably, our blog posts won't be very significant in the immediate future. But hopefully, over the years, we may look back at our fads and folly with amusement and amazement - provided we don't kick the basket first!

Singaporeans are the funniest and craziest people in the world in private. But we don't like to be called funny as that is the same as gila (mad). Also, we are a pretty conservative lot and like to keep low key unless we want to make lots of money unlike the Malaysians. (Malaysians: - We meant that as a compliment, brother).

So, let's get started... eh.. no... we're going on a holiday. So our next post is 3 weeks from now. Sorry lah, writing this stuff is really, really hard and we need to take a long break and think of what to say next.

As people in China used to say during the Chairman Mao days: "Think carefully what you say, or you will be floating down the river tomorrow". Aah-yah! I've insulted the people of China now....sorry Chinamen! Well, they don't call us big mouth Singaporeans for nothing lah. - Kok


Well...thank you Kok, we haven't even started and you've made us a whole lot of enemies. - Boo - another big mouth Singaporean