Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Big Mouth Singaporean

Another Big Mouth Singaporean

As if there aren't enough big mouth Singaporeans yapping away pointlessly over the Internet, here comes trouble..... No, I don't represent any Opposition Party, nor are we anti-Gahman either. But we do hope you will follow our daily take of what is happening in buzz-y Singapore.

Most of it will be commentaries on news reports, our daily wanderings through the streets of the fast paced Singapore and our hopes and aspirations for our beloved homeland. Also, it will enable Singaporeans living abroad to stay connected with the kopi tiam talk in the Little Red Dot called Singapore.

Foreigners intending to relocate to Singapore will also be able to get lots of useful and misleading information on Singapore in this blog. NOTE TO FOREIGN EXPATS: We don't need any more foreign talent unless you intend to hire five bus loads of Singaporeans. Or unless Minister of Local Talent, Jack Neo says "yes".

It will cover entertainment, food and events happening in Singapore - who is hot and who is not, what is cool and what is cold! We'll try not to make things up but we may sometimes get things mixed up. If we do, we apologize vaguely in advance for any boo-boos and any intentional misinformation in comSG.

Is this a funny blog? Hell no, we big mouth Singaporeans don't joke. We are a very, very serious lot. Just because we grumble, does not mean we are trying to be funny. Being funny can get you into plenty trouble like killer litter.

Probably, our blog posts won't be very significant in the immediate future. But hopefully, over the years, we may look back at our fads and folly with amusement and amazement - provided we don't kick the basket first!

Singaporeans are the funniest and craziest people in the world in private. But we don't like to be called funny as that is the same as gila (mad). Also, we are a pretty conservative lot and like to keep low key unless we want to make lots of money unlike the Malaysians. (Malaysians: - We meant that as a compliment, brother).

So, let's get started... eh.. no... we're going on a holiday. So our next post is 3 weeks from now. Sorry lah, writing this stuff is really, really hard and we need to take a long break and think of what to say next.

As people in China used to say during the Chairman Mao days: "Think carefully what you say, or you will be floating down the river tomorrow". Aah-yah! I've insulted the people of China now....sorry Chinamen! Well, they don't call us big mouth Singaporeans for nothing lah. - Kok


Well...thank you Kok, we haven't even started and you've made us a whole lot of enemies. - Boo - another big mouth Singaporean

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