Sunday, June 22, 2008

Singapore Food

Singapore Food - Laksa

Waa-lau... after a long trip overseas, saliva is dripping down the side of my mouth. A sure sign I must fill my tummy with good old Singapore food. I need two bowls of laksa plus otah plus nasi lemak plus freshly squeezed lime juice. Now that is really Singapore Food.

singapore food - laksaSo I head down to Katong and told the Ah Pek there to serve it up quickly as I was hungry please. He dumps the bowls on my table and some of the laksa gravy gets on my T-shirt. Luckily, I was wearing an orange T-shirt that said "Dirty on Purpose" otherwise it would have been embracing.
I slurp the white rice laksa noodles like it was my last meal and gave out an approving loud burb as nearby diners gave me a disapproving look. I didn't f-care as I was finally satisfied at last. The fragrant coconut curry gravy was delicious and I drank all of it right from the bowl like it was coconut juice. Only Singapore food can give you such pleasure. Some may say it is better than sex especially if your partner likes to give a running commentary while you're doing it.
NOTE FOR NON-SINGAPOREANS: The Singapore laksa is different from the Malaysian laksa which has a sour taste. I prefer the Singapore laksa - the best man!.

Who says there is no fine dining in Singapore?

I felt really fine as I walked out of the shop house with a tooth pick in my mouth. I gave a thumbs up to a traffic marshall who was giving a parking violation ticket to some oxymoron who had parked his ugly Lamborghini car illegally by the side of the road. I think the driver of the car (wearing one of the most horrendous sunglasses ever created) walked past me by as I ambling away because this guy gave me a really angry look. Anyway, I decided not to stay and stare as I was armed with only a toothpick at this time.

Nothing was gonna spoil this happy day. It was sunny and I decided to go somewhere cool. So I headed to Orchard for a movie. I was thinking perhaps a good old fashion Chinese kung fu movie. Something the ang mohs won't like to see..... - Kok - singapore food - laksa

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