Monday, June 23, 2008

Great Singapore Sale 2008

Gone Shopping Today at the Great Singapore Sale 2008

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) started on 23 May and ends on 20 July 2008. Now is a great time for me to pick up bargains.

Expatriates often complain that there is nothing worthwhile to buy the GSS. These cry babies are probably ivory tower expats who only mix with their own kind and avoid locals like locusts and therefore don't know where to get good bargains. You can find a lohappy singapore shopping at the great singapore sale 2008t of their pathetic grumblings at local forums catering to expats. And the idiots who give advice at these forums are equally clueless or have an axe to grind with the local people here. I don't know why they stay here if they find things so "unsatisfactory". They probably say the same things when they are back home.

The trouble is a lot of these people they enjoy life here and don't want to go home. They just want to hang around and try to convince us how superior they are. Oh please, go and fix the problems in your own countries before opening your big fat mouths! We know how to solve our own problems and if we don't, we know more qualified and reliable people to help us.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not against overseas people living and working here. I have lots of expat friends. Many of them are really knowledgeable and helpful. I'm only against those who think they can come here, don't bother to understand the local culture and only want to bad mouth us.

Sure, merchants may want to get rid of their dead stocks. They would be pretty stupid if they don't do it. When I travel abroad to USA and Europe, I also see lots of dead stocks being offered in overseas stores. You have to be a smart and fast shopper to get the stuff that are really worthwhile. Good items sells like hot cakes.

How to be a Smart Shopper in Singapore

Sorry folks, GSS 2008 is over, but you can get more bargains at the coming Great Singapore Sale - GSS 2008 by clicking on this link - Boo - Singapore shopping 2008

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