Friday, June 27, 2008

Hard Sell Tactics - Naughty by Nature

Hard Sell Tactics - Naughty by Nature

First there are Timeshare companies, now photo makeover studios are also adopting hard selling tactics in Singapore.

According to Straits Times and Today (12 June 2008), the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), on receiving 63 complaints from unhappy customers about Naughty by Nature between 2005 and 2007 involving amounts between $495 to $4,288, have applied an injunction against the company for their hard sell tactics.

It was reported that Naughty by Nature's staff had once refused to let a customer to leave the studio without buying a pricey photo package. After staying about four hours, the customer bought a package for about $3,000.

Potential customers are usually contacted over the phone and told they have been selected / won a prize for a free photo shoot. They are promised freebies if they agree to turn up at Naughty by Nature studio by a certain time as they have many people wanting these free photo shoots. Once they are there, they are pressured to buy one of their high priced photo packages which can go as high as $4,000 plus. I have personally received such an invitation but did not turn up because if an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is. Such "good deals" usually goes deep down into your pockets. In Singapore, it is a buyers beware market. There is no free lunch.

Naughty by Nature has been in business since 2004 at its Circular Road premises. It is run by Ramason and Fenianos with 90 staff members, of whom nine are full time photographers.

CASE and Naughty by Nature have agreed to settle disputes with the unhappy customers through an arbitration session chaired by a neutral third party. Under the agreement, Naughty by Nature agreed, among other things, not to have more than one employee attend to "any female consumer during any sales presentations". The firm is also not allowed to "detain" any female customer for more than an hour.

If you have problems with this Singapore photo makeover studio, contact CASE immediately. If they have any more complaints, they are in deep shit. If you kena (forced to) buy these packages, for goodness sake, do not give your friends / relatives contact numbers to them. Otherwise, they too kena pay for things they do not need.

People complain that CASE is not doing enough. However, people need to come forward with evidence for Case to follow up on. Don't expect CASE to follow up there are only a handful of cases. Court injunction costs money. If you don't believe, try suing such companies yourself. These companies know this and is counting that unhappy customers won't do anything because of the cost and the embarrassment of standing up and being counted. - Kok. - hard sell tactics - naughty by nature

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