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freak weather | Singapore

Freak Weather in Singapore

Sunny Singapore experienced extremely freak wet weather conditions, not seen here for the past 20 years or more. Those who were on the Singapore roads on 14 & 15 January 2008 witnessed these ferocious tropical storm conditions on two consecutive afternoons at about the same time of the day (4pm).

The freak rainfall was so heavy, the cars and other road vehicles on the highway had to slow down to a crawl. Even with the cars’ hazard lights on, it was difficult for drivers to see through the driving, blinding rain even at two car lengths away. All they saw was a grey-blur sheet of hard torrential rain. Many drivers even had to stop their cars intermittently as it was virtually impossible to see what was ahead of them - something that was very dangerous to do on a highway! Luckily, all the cars had kept their distance from the other cars as they too were experiencing the same zero visibility conditions and were clocking drive speeds of less than 10 mph.

Fortunately, the freaky weather did not last too long as strong winds blew the rainstorm clouds quickly westwards of Singapore. In the photos below, you will be able to see part of the dark storm clouds behind a small section of the Singapore city skyline. The Singapore skies over the city cleared after about 15 minutes. Because of the rainstorm did not last long, no serious damage were reported here.

Below are photos taken after the severe rain had whittled to a drizzle. From these pictures you can see the remaining low rain clouds drifting at about mid-level of some of the Singapore skyscrapers. This is quite unusual as these Singapore city skyscrapers - the tallest of which is only 280 meters high due to local aviation regulations - as seen in these photos, are not very tall buildings by world standards. The photos were taken by my son using his hand phone camera in a moving vehicle.

freak weather singapore

Could this freak weather in Singapore be due to global warming? Only time will tell.

Find out the predictions of global warming for 2008 and how it will affect us. Don't be fooled into believing that we don't have global warming, if we experience cold spells. This is part of the"two faces" of extreme weather caused by global warming. Many of the anti-global warming proponents are big business "fronts" aimed at preventing global warming legislation from being enacted in their respective countries as it would affect their bottom line. Global warming measures are to keep the climate within normal range - neither too hot or too cold so people can live comfortably and the environment, their livelihood and way of life will not destroyed as a result of abnormal climate change.

Freak Weather - Waterspout Spotted in Singapor

Reminds me of the waterspout that hit Singapore on 7 May 2007. Here is the home video using time lapsed photography taken by a home security system. Time lapsed photography of course results in the video being speeded up. Video was taken near Shaw Towers with the East Coast Expressway (ECP) in the foreground. Sorry, we have no audio on this video, but I'm sure you will have a blast with this speeded up freak show. The phenomenon lasted for 15 minutes. If you think our featured video is too short, visit YouTube or LiveLeak and view other videos of the waterspout. The last waterspout was seen off Sentosa on 13 August 2006 - lasted for 5 minutes. According to the Meteorological Services, such waterspouts occur about once or twice a year but further off-shore.

Freak Cold Spell in Singapore

Singapore experienced the coldest temperature in 74 years on 13 Mar 2008. Singapore's temperature dipped to 12.8 degrees Celsius - about the average day time temperature in wintry Hong Kong. Singapore, which lies less than 100 miles north of the Equator, recorded the coldest spell in its history on 30 Jan 1934, when thermometers dipped to 19.4 degrees Celsius (Straits Times, 14 Mar 2008).

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