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Car Park Rates | Singapore

The Cheapest and Most Expensive Car Parks in Singapore

Before shopping on Sundays, check out which are the cheapest and most expensive car park rates in the City Hall / Orchard area. With the ERP-like automated gantries collecting car park fees, most drivers do not really know how much they pay when they patronize these shopping centres. So before you go downtown for shopping, do check out the carpark rates below. It will help you make some savings while you shop.

The building's carpark rates are indicative of what the weekday rates are like too. But their rates are not as absurd as those car parks in the Shenton Way / CBD area. Most CBD car parks charge $2 plus per half an hour (or $16 for 4 hours) during office hours! The most expensive car park lot is Shenton House ($3 per 1/2 hour) which works out to $24 for 4 hours of parking during office hours! So people with noisy, over-priced Lamborghinis, this is the place where you won't get your cars scratched.

the cheapest and most expensive car parks in Singapore

The parking rates given below in (red) is the equivalent rate for 4 hours from noon to 4pm:

Orchard Road:

International Building:
$2.00 per entry ($2)

Shaw Centre
$2.14 per entry ($2.14)

Far East Plaza
$3 per entry ($3)

Forum The Shopping Mall
$3.20 per entry ($3.20)

Far East Shopping Centre
$3.21 per entry ($3.21)

Pacific Plaza
$3.50 per entry ($3.50)

Royal Plaza On Scotts
$4 per entry ($4)

Wheelock Place
$4 per entry ($4)

$4.50 per entry ($4.50)

$1 for 1st hour, $1.20 per subsequent hour ($4.60)

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
$3.75 for first 3 hours, $1.07 per subsequent hour ($4.82)

Grand Hyatt
$5.35 per entry ($5.35)

Cairnhill Place
$3.50 for first 3 hours, $1.50 per subsequent 30 mins ($6.50)

Wisma Atria
$3.50 for 2 hours, $.0.80 per subsequent 30 mins ($6.70)

Hilton Hotel
$7 per entry ($7)

Orchard Plaza
$1 per 30 min, $3.50 per entry (5pm-7am) ($8)

Lucky Plaza
$1.61 for 1st hour, $1.28 per subsequent 30 mins
$3.21 per entry (5pm-7am) ($9.29)

Orchard Point
$2.40 per hour (8am-10pm)
$4.80 per hour (10pm-8am) ($9.60)

$3.40 for 1st hour, $0.70 per subsequent 35 mins.
Additional $1.07 surcharge from noon to 2.30pm ($10.07)

Ngee Ann City
$2.48 for 1st hour, $1.58 per subsequent 30 mins.
$4.28 per entry (6pm-7.59am) ($11.96)

Park Hotel Orchard Singapore
$3.50 for 1st hour, $1.50 per subsequent 30 mins.
$5 per entry after 5pm ($12.50)

City Hall Area:

North Bridge Centre
$1.55 per entry ($1.55)

Capitol Centre
$2 per entry ($2)

The Adelphi
$2.10 per entry ($2.10)

National Library
$2.10 per entry ($2.10)

Peninsula Plaza
$2.50 per entry ($2.50)

Beach Centre
$3 per entry ($3)

Esplanade- Theatres by the Bay
Free parking except on public holidays (6am-2pm)
$1.50 per hour (2-6pm)
$5.50 per hour (6-10pm)
$1.50 per entry (10pm-6am) ($3)

Millenia Walk
$2 for 1st 2 hours, $1 per subsequent hour ($4)

The Ritz Carlton Millenia
$2 for 1st 2 hours, $1 per subsequent hour ($4)

Bras Basah, Bain Street (Block 232)
$0.50 per 30 mins (7am-1am) ($4)

Marina Square
$2.14 for 1st 2 hours, $1.07 per hour for next 2 subsequent hours,
$1.07 per subsequent 30 mins (7am-2am) ($4.28)

Suntec City
$1.07 per hour ($4.28)

Raffles City
$2 for 1st 2 hours, $0.30 per subsequent 15 mins ($4.40)

Raffles Hotel
$6 per entry ($6)

Peninsula Excelsior Hotel
$1.50 per hour (8am-5pm)
$3 per entry after 5pm ($6)

Carlton Hotel
$6 per entry ($6)

Odeon Towers
$2.20 for 1st hour, $0.90 fpr subsequent 30 mins (7am-5pm)
$2.20 per entry after 5pm ($7.60)

Funan DigitalLife Mall
$2 for 1st hour, $0.50 for subsequent 30 mins (7am-5pm)
$2.10 per entry (5pm-11.59am) ($8)

Expensive Car Parking in other Singapore Buildings:

Colliers International recently ranked Singapore as the 12th most expensive place to park a car in the 17 Asia Pacific cities surveyed by them. According to Colliers, the estimated median of unreserved parking in Singapore is US$182.00 (S$249.34) per month. In global terms, Singapore ranked the 68th most expensive in terms of car parks out of the 138 cities surveyed.

This high cost of parking is attributed to the limited availability of parking space in the Central Business District (CBD). The recent ruling that building developers have the flexibility to provide up to 20 per cent fewer parking lots than the prevailing car parking provisions standards for commercial buildings have motivated many building owners to convert some of their carpark space into retail / office space - further curtailing the number of car park space available.

What with a ratio of 12 cars per 100 Singaporeans, you can only expect car park rates to go up faster than your blood pressure rates.
This figure implies one car per 2.1 Singapore families (100 / 12 / 4 ) - assuming a family unit of 4.

You can also check which buildings charges the most expensive / cheapest car park rates in other Singapore Buildings online at sgcarmart.com (which can also be accessed via your mobile phone if your handphone has an internet connection). You can also buy the "Singapore Car Park Rates Guide" in printed form from sgCarMart. They currently have a promotional tie up with SPC whereby you can get the Singapore car park rates guide for free if you buy $10 worth of Choice store products. So get it, check it and save money.

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