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Feng Shui | Singapore Flyer

Feng Shui & Singapore Flyer

Well, it looks like the Singapore Flyer people have finally taken up my suggestion to spin their great big Eye in the Sky from east to west rather than west to east. I made the complaint earlier, not because of feng shui reasons. I complain because I nearly got blinded by sun as this big wheel was going against the sun. Nobody ever goes against the sun!

The five month old Singapore Flyer is the World's Biggest Observation Wheel at 545-feet (165 meters) high or 42 storeys (for now). The management of the Flyer don't like you to use the term "ferris wheel" to describe their structural marvel. Such "f-words" like "f-wheel" should never be used in polite company. If such a word is ever uttered, they'll politely ask you to "f-off".

Singapore Flyer feng shuiFeng Shi Masters (specializing in the ancient Chinese art of geomancy) had also pointed out that the direction of the S'pore Flyer was pulling wealth (good qi energy) out of the Singapore central business district and dumping it into the eastern part of Singapore. Everyone who knows Singapore's history, knows that the nickname for the Marina Bay is the "Money Bay". That is where all good fortune must be collected, otherwise the high downtown office rents just simply can never be justified.

This siphoning of wealth from the city is very very bad as the people leaving Singapore by plane (the airport is located in the eastern part of Singapore) are going to get very very rich. I strongly agree with this though I don't really know why. We should never let money be pulled out of Singapore this way and in particular, away from the city's ERP gentries. If this happens, it is going to be very expensive to drive a car in Singapore or even to take a taxi to the airport.

So with the help of some very strong able-bodied Singaporeans who were paid a couple of six figure dollars, they managed to get the Singapore Flyer to turn in the other direction - that is from east to west. However, if there is a very strong wind, all bets are off.

This is also good for slow photographers like me. Tourists usually start snapping their cameras in the initial stages of a ride and gradually lose interest towards the end. So this gives me ample time to figure out how to use my damn stupid lousy camera before the city vistas come to view.

Marina Sands Casino IR Integrated Resort SingaporeOf course, the Singapore Flyer is not the only local landmark to conform with the feng shui principles. Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (IR) was one of the recent upcoming mega projects to be given the thumbs up by local feng shui experts.

Last night, I dreamt that the big boss man of Las Vegas Sands (LVS) was extremely happy with this development as his Marina Bay Sands Casino would be the direct beneficiary of the correct spin of the SG Flyer. In my dream, he said something like "F*** me, those flyboys at the Flyer are gonna make my Sands damn rich, even richer than those Theme Parkers, Genting! Anyway, I need this big break as my LVSs' stock price is performing badly". So you can expect Singapore's second financial district (the fantastic Marina Bay Sands Casino) will bring in big bucks for Singapore. But then, they needn't have worried as the Sands will have their very own wheel of fortune in a prominent position inside their casino.

Of course, the people living on the east coast are not going to be particularly happy about this new development as their wealth is now going to be dumped into the casino and they may stand to lose big time. As these landowners currently are enjoying double digit growth in their property investments and rental income, they are justifiably plenty crazy hopping mad. Without a doubt, people at Orchard Road and Marina Downtown are going to be the happiest people this side of of the happy kingdom. Time will undoubtedly prove me right. Otherwise blame it on those so-called unreliable feng shui experts.

The people with the last laugh would probably be the Singapore Flyer guys themselves as the million of so people who took the Flyer previously will now have no choice but to re-take the ride - as the earlier ride(s) was definitely not the right ride and cannot be counted. The shops at the Singapore Flyer complex would also be happy as they would be able to survive after all and don't have to move out to better, higher rental premises.

Already, the good feng shui vibes are being felt at the Singapore Flyer. It is rumored that Jan de Bont, the director of the blockbuster movie, "Speed" is considering filming an action sequence of his planned "Point Break" sequel at the Flyer. I hope they will get the camera pointing the right direction now that the Flyer is turning the other direction. For sure, in the days to come, you will see many people attempting jumping stunts from the Flyer just to prove they deserve to be in the movie.

Others may try to jump off the Flyer if they got burnt in the coming recession. - Kok

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