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International Companies Blacklisted Worldwide by the Timeshare Council
dated 8 August 2008 is a useful international reference guide when dealing with world timeshare companies. Check this global list before you do any business with them.

Click this link to go to timeshare council - an international watchdog on blacklisted timeshare companies around the world

List of Companies having Pending Complaints by Consumers with the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE)

Timeshare and timeshare-related complaints remain at the top of Consumer Association of Singapore' ( CASE )'s list of top consumer problems. From January to August 2008, CASE received 1,213 complaints against timeshare companies.

Filed Complaints 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008*
Total Complaints






Timeshare companies




Sub-category timeshare




Sub-category: resale timeshare




Sub-category: companies that promise to terminate timeshare contracts on behalf of consumers




*2008 (1 January - 31 August 2008)
+ 2006 (1 January - 31 August 2006)

NOTE: Not all timeshare disputes are reported to CASE as people don't want to go through the trouble of filing complaints (something scam companies are counting on). A high percentage of tourists who fall prey of such fly-by-night schemes also do not report to CASE as they are generally unaware of the laws of Singapore.

Timeshare complaints with CASEIn 12 June 2008, CASE, Singapore's Non-Profit Consumer Watchdog, won a court case against Global Europ under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act 2004. At the time of the lawsuit, Case said total claims against Global Europ were $155,478.80.

The first was Orion's Belt Network (OBN), in October 2006.

Singapore Timeshare companies which have pending complaints with CASE

Be wary of companies whose names start with the following alphabets:
ACDEGHIJLMNOPTUVWZ. These companies are on the watch list of International Timeshare Councils, CASE and mentioned in negative light in Singapore forums on timeshares.

If you want to buy timeshares, buy them from members of Timeshare Association (Singapore). Get an up todate list from TAS before meeting with the timeshare company concerned. If the timeshare company is disreputable, they may claim to be a member of Timeshare Association (Singapore) among other claims.

For those who need assistance, Case's hotline is 6463-1811. Help stamp out timeshare scam by not dealing with unaccredited companies!

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