Sunday, August 10, 2008

Money No Enough 2

Money No Enough 2

Not an artistic film, but certainly a movie the heartlanders can identify with. I personally felt that Money No Enough 2 did not surpass the original movie though it was an enjoyable movie.

Money No Enough 2 movie dvd posterThis time producer Jack Neo tackles a diverse range of subjects from ERP woes to the high cost of living, high medical costs, the difficulty of an average Singaporean making a good living in Singapore, family support for the elderly, scams, gangsters, getai singers etc.

I loved the very funny song about ERP called "EPR - Every Price Rise" at the beginning of the show. After a light hearted start, Money No Enough 2 got into the business of the more serious stuff told in a tongue in cheek way that only Jack Neo can.

Money No Enough 2 also features Singapore's favorite song: JIBABAN 一百萬 ( If I Had) One Million Dollar. To view the music video of "Jibaba, - If I had One Million Dollars", click on this link to go to my earlier post.

The script and acting seems stronger this time and we are spared of heavy make up on Henry Thia and other actors.

The bad point of the movie is the obviously heavy handed product / company endorsements featured throughout the movie. The other negative is the very bad sound recording of the movie which is grating to your ears. Another complaint is the hardly readable subtitles. They will have to improve on this if the want the movie to do well overseas.

In spite of this, everyone who is a Singaporean or is remotely interested in what's happening in Singapore should see this humorous take of Singapore life - Boo.

Watch the streaming video of the Money No Enough 2 movie trailer here:

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