Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Timeshare Companies Complaints

Timeshare Companies Complaints

Interval Resorts Network (IRN) has issued an important warning which all timeshare owners should take heed of. This advisory is found in the IRN website and read as follows:

[Quote] "Members Importance notice

It has come to our attention that certain companies/ parties (with some allegedly representing themselves to be agents of IRN, ATC or the Timeshare Association of Singapore) have been contacting members like yourself by way of telephone calls purporting to assist them with offers to rent, sell, terminate and/ or repurchase your membership for interested third parties.

The Management of IRN and Asian Travel Club (ATC) would like to WARN ALL members to refrain from entertaining such calls and against taking up such offers. We would also like to stress the following:

  1. IRN does NOT engage in any rental, resale/ repurchase of ATC memberships by itself or any other third party;
  2. IRN does NOT appoint any agents to act on it’s behalf in respect of such rental, resale/ repurchase of any memberships;
  3. IRN does NOT approve of any such rental, resale/ repurchase transactions;
  4. ALL members are urged to inform IRN accordingly if you have been contacted with sufficient details in order that the necessary reports may be lodged with the relevant authorities;
  5. IRN does NOT divulge personal particulars and details of your membership to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.

Some of these companies have also been known to contact members under fictitious company's name and have also even purported to offer Cash Back/Money Back guarantees.

The following are the names of some of the companies that our members have been contacted by way of telephone calls:

  1. Asialinx Asset Management Pte Ltd
  2. Worldex Pte Ltd
  3. Project Media Pte Ltd
  4. Max Mega Pte Ltd
  5. Supreme Motivation Tours Pte Ltd
  6. Lee & Chandran Pte Ltd
  7. Zealz Corp Pte Ltd

We urge you to contact us immediately at our special helpline at 68356481 or 68356486 between 10.00am – 9.00pm (Tues-Sat) if you have been contacted by any of these companies. We value you as our member and we will continue to strive to provide you with a positive and enriching experience for many years to come. " [Unquote]

Members of the public should be careful when dealing with the 7 companies and follow CASE advisory strictly. Just because IRN and ATC are complaining about Asialinx, Worldex, Project Media, MaxMega, Supreme Motivation Tours, Lee & Changran and Zealz Corp., it does not mean timeshare owners can throw caution to the wind when dealing with IRN and ATC too. In fact, after all the bad publicity about timeshares, I don't see why anyone would even consider buying any timeshare product when there is no regulation protecting buyers from unscrupulous timeshare companies. If you must buy, check with CASE, Timeshare Association (Singapore) as to whether the company you intend to deal with is reputable and not blacklisted company.

Read about press coverage on the complaints and CASE action on Singapore timeshare between 2001-2004 companies from the following link by the Timeshare Victim Support Group:

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