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Useful Tips What To Do at PC | IT Shows

Useful Tips on What To Do at PC | IT Shows

Here are some Useful Tips on What to Do / Not Do at PC / IT / Computer Shows. It will help you save time, money and energy when looking for that much needed PC / IT / Computer product:
  • Usually held at the onset of the (Singapore) school holidays (quarterly intervals by different exhibition organizers). So this has to be factored in when making your overseas vacation;
  • Expect visitor-packed aisles making walking and browsing very difficult at times. Do not take small children (and partners who are likely to be agitated by large crowds and loud noises) to these exhibitions. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing and be prepared for long hours standing / walking in poorly air-conditioned / ventilated exhibition halls due to over crowding;
  • buying strategy:
  1. Round 1 - (at home) Do your homework on product specs / prices etc.
  2. Round 2 - (at exhibition) take note of prices, specs and booth numbers.
  3. Round 3 - compare deals and make buying decision.
  4. Round 4 - (at home) unpack and test products. If it is not in good working condition, bring it back to the exhibitor for an exchange during exhibition hours
  5. Round 5 - (at exhibition) here we go again!;
  • If you are buying big items like TVs, printers, etc, make sure you buy them at the end of your visit as it is difficult to navigate them around unending and frantic crowds. Pack a good trolley in your car in case the exhibitor does not provide you with a free trolley or won't take home delivery orders for big items. If you are buying a fast moving item, ask the exhibitor to store your item for collection later, make sure you get a delivery/collection receipt;
  • Bargains can be had at these computer shows, if not in price, at least in terms of "extras" thrown in to sweeten the deals. So make sure you ask / bargain;
  • Gizmos fans will be able to test the products without the compulsion to buy immediately
  • Sales staff are usually knowledgeable, it not, ask the manager on duty;
  • Car parking is a problem and expect a long wait for taxis;
  • Come well prepared with a list of targeted products of interest to you. Do your research and narrow down your selections by checking technical features / prices online - especially for products which have newer models in the span of months like cameras etc. If you find something new which you are unfamiliar with, it is better to go home and do your research and come back at a later time to make a purchase. This ensures you don't get a product which don't meet with your requirements;
  • Listen in to knowledgeable visitors' questions / comments and seek their advice if necessary;
  • For technical products, be sure to double check out their technical literature and product manual to confirm the product's specifications / features before buying. Don't rely solely on sales staff hearsay;
  • Be sure to read and mark out the good deals of interest to you in the computer show's newspaper supplement (usually the 1st day of the exhibition in the Straits Times and Today) and make sure you bring it along if it has a special price coupon;
  • At certain hours there may be spot (cheap) sales, check out for these deals;
  • Excess stocks may be "auctioned" off at the last day of the show but don't count of the very good deals to be on this auction list;
  • If you didn't have the time to check out all the special offers, you can go to the shop of the exhibitor on the 2nd day after the computer exhibition closes to see if you can get the same deal as that at the PC / IT fair;
  • be wary when dealing with overseas companies which do have a local office especially newer companies. You may have problems with product exchanges / servicing / warranty;
  • make sure you can afford and really need these items, even if it is on hire purchase. There's a tendency to make impulse purchases at such PC Fairs - due to marketing hype and crowd buying frenzy. It is not uncommon to get a feeling of regret when the product is brought home and found to be not as useful as originally thought;
  • Questions to ask yourself before buying:
  1. in what way will this product better my life?
  2. how often will I be using this product?
  3. when will I be replacing this product with a newer one (eg when it is damaged beyond repair or when a newer, better model comes out?)
  4. will I be saving money if I buy this product now? Will it be cheaper in one year's time? Can I wait for one year?
  5. have I done my homework on this product? Is this the product that best meets my requirements for the next 2-3 years or even longer?
Happy bargain hunting at the exhibition!

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