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Buying Blu-ray from ebay sg

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Buying Blu-ray, DVD discs from ebay sg

Beware of buying from ebay sellers (on sg or other ebay sites) who won't accept paypal payments. These are usually shady operators or even downright crooks. If they don't accept paypal payments, pay only COD (cash on delivery) if absolutely necessary [not bank transfers] as ebay will not provide buyer protection for such non-paypal transactions.

Usuallyblu-ray bluray disc singapore such illegal ebay transactions come with inducements such as attractive immediate discounts, or discounts for future deals etc. There are no guarantee that the blu-ray, dvd etc discs you get are not pirated or self-burnt discs, or even playable or actual movies at all.

If you deal with such ebay sellers in transactions other than via paypal, there is no way ebay (even ebay sg) can get refunds from these crooked ebay sellers for you. So buyers beware!

The other thing to look out for is to examine the past transactions of these sellers. What do buyers (not sellers) say about the seller. Are the feedback positive or negative. Are the transactions about blu-ray or dvd discs or unrelated items?

A good seller should have at least 100 good / positive reviews by ebay buyers to be on the safe side. Better still, they are ebay Power Sellers. These people / companies have a good reputation to protect and hence are less unlikely to default on their obligations. These ebay sellers also are more likely to take their warranty seriously such as refunds or exchanges on faulty or misrepresented items.

Also check to see if the buyers' comments / feedback are recent or were made sometime back and there are no recent comments. This could indicate a hijack or transferred account.

By reading all of the seller's reviews (particularly the neutral and negative feedback), we will have a good idea of how they operate and what kind of problems you are likely to face with them.

Another thing to scrutinize is whether the same used / pre-owned item has been sold in multiples of times. It may indicate a problem with that item.

As ebay often reminds buyers, it is an public auction site for buyers and sellers. It cannot guarantee the quality or quantity of the products sold via ebay. If payments is made via pay pal, it would be able to mediate and help you secure a refund. If there are no pay pal payments, you are on your own pal. Paypal is a subsidiary of ebay.

A very cheap price is usually indicative potential problems in the purchase. If you don't mind some minor (or maybe even major problems) with the bluray or dvd, then ok go ahead and bid for the ebay item.

Cheap is good, but getting the Good Stuff is even more important. This applies to blu-ray and other product / service purchase from ebay.

Here are some signs that your ebay purchase may encounter problems:

  1. product that is an unbelievable bargain or non-existent in the market
  2. item has yet to be released by the company (internationally)
  3. there is no original photo of the product. Image given is a stock photo or generic picture
  4. seller lacks a good track record or have a low transaction record
  5. seller offers free shipping which is obviously expensive due to weight and / or distance - relative to the total amount paid by you
  6. not shipped from the place registered by seller on ebay
  7. seller is located in country where law enforcement for commercial transactions are of low priority eg China, Romania etc
  8. inducement to make an "off ebay" purchase
  9. given a huge discount if you remit a wire / bank / money transfer directly to the seller. The excuse usually given is that this item is not eligible for paypal for whatsoever reason
  10. do not respond to bids won "automatically" or "by default"
  11. listings that last for only 1 or 2 days
  12. asked to send money to another person other than the one registered on ebay (this could be an indication of a hijacked ebay account)
  13. claims that the purchase is guaranteed by some unknown / new (non-existent) division of ebay which usually is not paypal
  14. the item is no longer available on ebay but offered to you directly via email or any other non-ebay site
  15. purchases which involve you contact the seller by email rather than clicking on the conventional ebay "Buy It Now" button
  16. feedback is in a language inconsistent with the seller's country
  17. there are no recent buyers' feedback or feedback is not related to the item being sold
  18. does not reply to your questions or takes a very long time to respond
  19. erratic ebay page load - 1-2 second delay or flickering indicate redirecting from a genuine listing to a fraudulent page
  20. your bids are rejected for whatsoever reason and you are given a "Second Chance" to rebid via an email. You are usually asked to click on a link that takes you to a fake ebay site.
  21. Never click on an emailed link which is supposed to take you to the ebay / paypal site. Always type in the site directly via your web browser or use the "Favourites" or "Bookmarks" tab you have created yourself.
  22. Bidder needs to be pre-approved or item is listed in a private auction
  23. Do not remit money to a seller labeled as "NLRU" - "No Longer a Registered User" by ebay.

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